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Thread: Cannot access internet...

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    Cannot access internet...

    Hello- I cannot access the internet after I installed Norton Personal Firewall 2004. I always get the message "page cannot be displayed". My computer is a HP Pavilion 772N running Windows XP. I left the settings so that nothing is blocked. Any help is appreciated- minihertz
    PS- this is a DSL connection
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    Is this dialup or broadband?

    Uninstall Norton and test wthout it.

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    check to make sure ip for your gateway/router or whatever device you use to connect to the internet is in the list of addresses to allow.. I don't use norton so I have no user interface input... sorry... good luck... there should be a safe zone or something... check for your connection devices ip... I assume you already know the ip addy for your connection device.... ????? also if your dsl provider gave them to you you may need to input them manually...
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    I, also, have not used that firewall a lot. Maybe check to see if it has a way to block all connections. ZoneAlarm has a lock down feature and maybe norton starts out with that so you have a chance to configure it. Try reading all the documentation on the product and going to the manufacturers(sp) web site.

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