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Thread: How to optimize Windows 2000 with limited CPU and MEM

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    How to optimize Windows 2000 with limited CPU and MEM

    I'm the assistant lab supervisor or several labs at DeVry University and have a particular question, which involves optimizing our Windows 2000 Professional stations based on PIII 600MHZ with 256MB SDRAM. Our software images have increased in size over the last year, which gives us roughly 800MB free overall.

    Any thoughts on optimizing our Windows 2000 stations to decrease bottlenecking and increase application response. Adding more memory and bigger HD's would help but unfortunately that isn't in our budget.

    I plan to remove uncessary services such as Apache WEB, MySQL, FTP and IIS 5.0 that may bottleneck the system and cause memory leaks.

    Any other suggestions are greatly encouraged! Thanks.

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    Welcome to SysOpt!

    This may help with what services are not needed... Good luck!

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    Set a fixed pagefile size on each machine. About 300-300 would be OK. If you have Diskeeper Server, run Boot-time defrag one all machines to move the pagefile away from the data file to prevent fragmentation of the pagefile.

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    Take a lookit and 's tweak guides


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