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Thread: How 2 add HDD in Linux (SCSI)

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    How 2 add HDD in Linux (SCSI)

    Hi Guys,

    ImM new in Linux (Red hat) and doing some test to add SCSI Hard Disk on my computer for testing purposes.

    Could someone help me the step by step procedure (command) on how to add hard disk?

    Thanks for your reply.

    Regards, Henry

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    Redhat 9 should automatically detect and install the driver for a supported SCSI interface. Hard disks will be recognized as sda, sdb, sdc, etc. with subsequent numbers like sda1 for the first partion sda2 for the second and so forth.

    Redhat probably has a nifty GUI tool to partition and format or...

    You can partition the disks with the fdisk command -see "man fdisk" or run "fdisk /dev/DRIVE" (e.g. sda) and type "m" for options,

    You can use "mkfs" to format the partitions

    You may have to manually edit the /etc/fstab file to add entries for easy mounting of the drives.

    Have fun

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