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Thread: Will break the bank on this cpu

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    Check out these 16 P3 Xeon badboys

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    Originally posted by araaraara
    Check out these 16 P3 Xeon badboys
    wow.... now those cost a bit more than my 1989 toyota celica!
    Only by $639,000.
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    LOL when i saw that I went to the site
    and made like I was going to buy it and showed to my
    wife. LOL

    but that is not actually one cpu it is a bundle of 16 700 mhz cpus with the expensive 2mb l2 cache.

    Still too damm high
    Lost 10,000 miles from home and loving it!!

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    16 cpu's still too much, and the first one 32 and some change!!

    are they for real?? a typo maybe

    someone explain please

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    Yeah! But those are retail .........
    I wonder how many 100.000's cheaper will be the OEM version ??

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