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Thread: Deleting Cache,Temp,Tempor.Internet Files

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    Deleting Cache,Temp,Tempor.Internet Files

    i have dislocated these directories(among some others,cookies,history) into a separate partition, swap-file included.(dont worry it has been done with instructions from an expert, it is working on several drives(pcs)). norton systemworks will run its speeddisk-defragger regularly. it would be clever cleaning these directories regularly. but i only know the deleting-button in internet-explorer for temporary internet files. sometimes i am using netscape. there i can clean the cache(its own cache?).
    ok nsystem works has also deleting possibilities. but i have also drives without nsworks installed. which of the mentioned folders should/can be deleted? i know this must be done at startup, otherwise it could hurt windows. in my case windows millenium. i realized also that some files/directories can only be deleted in safe mode. any comments are highly welcome. 15 gb ibm deskstar udma 66-p3. c: windows-3gb d: swap, cache etc. 1 gb e:4gb f:4gb g:3 gb
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    For IE6, you can tell it to empty your temp internet files when the browser window is closed. Tools-->Internet Options, Advanced tab, scroll to the bottom under the Security heading.

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    IE Cache and History are stored in several index.dat files.
    You don't need a third-party tool or messing with DOS to get rid of index.dat files. As they are locked by Explorer.exe, you can't delete them under 9x/ME but there is a trick :
    for the cache, just rename the folder \TIF\Content.IE5 to whatever you want. After the next reboot, a new Content.IE5 folder and 4 brand-new sub-folders are rebuild. Then you will be able to delete the entire old folder Content.IE5 with all its files. BTW, renaming a folder is a standard trick to bypass the "file in use" message.
    Same for Windows\Cookies or Windows\History, just rename the folder Cookies (or History) to another name and it will be possible to delete the old index.dat in Cookies (or History) after a reboot.
    The trick is also used by Spybot and Destroy if you try to delete an index.dat file.

    attrib /S index.dat from a command prompt shows all the index.dat files on your disk. It's important because Exporer and "Find files" lie about special folders.

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