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Thread: Those Freaks!!!!!

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    PLEASE, Don't hold back....tell us how you really feel.
    "Never corner something that's meaner than you are"

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    Whats not to love

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    I worked for HP for about 3 months and couldn't handle it. There's nothoing worse than having a customer call you the day after they buy their computer and the hard drive is bad. Then they have to send it in for service, which takes forever. Not only that, but I was told that under no circumstances was I to tell a customer to take their computer back to Wal-Mart/Comp-Usa/Circuit City/etc...

    And yes athey do load their computers full of ****. But that's not the worst of it. If you remove the ****, your computer stops working.

    When people would call me for support and wanted to know about buying a new HP and what they should buy, I always told them, "Don't decide now. There are a lot of computers and OTHER COMPANIES out there. Check your options first."

    HP computers are ****, always have been ****, and always will be ****.


    You're right they are inferior in every way. Example: I did a Sandra memory bandwidth test on a friend's Hp. This computer is an XP2400+ with 512 PC2100. Wanna know the result? 600MB/s Wanna know mine with PC2100? 2400MB/s.
    Wonder which is better?

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    Wow, no wonder you didn't get on there jrb420 - an HP employee with a conscience, and even more impressively, technical knowledge?! That just goes against company policy

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