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Thread: Diamond speedstar64/2000 Windows XP drivers

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    Diamond speedstar64/2000 Windows XP drivers

    Do they exist? I have looked everywhere for them.

    Without them, my webserver runs video in software emulation mode, not good for a CPU that needs to spend its time serving pages. I'm going to eventually purchase an MX200 or VE, but for now, I'd just like to get those drivers.

    The chip is either the Cirrus 5443/5444, I don't know which one, haven't checked. All I know is that searches through all the driver sites for both the chip and the card have turned up results only for 95/98. This may have been discussed before here; I don't remember. Searches turned up negatives.

    Anyway, if anyone has a link to third-party drivers, please do post.


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    Cirrus Logic is long gone from providing any kind of driver support.

    If the card's BIOS is VESA compatible, you can still run 2000's or XP's generic VGA driver at whatever resolutions the card's BIOS supports. That'll be unaccelerated of course. [edit: Oh, you're doing that already ]

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    Searched for ageeeesss for a driver and can't find one specific for that card. Closest I can find is an NT driver for the Speedstar 64 Cirrus Logic GD 5434 GD543x. This might work/might not but worth a try. Link is in german but you'll have no problem seeing the driver dowload. Many many links ended up in dead links. I doubt very much that you will find a specific driver.

    Hope it helps


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