Recently, I purchased an AIW 9600 Pro. Finally came today, and I unpacked it, the card installed OK, same w/ the remote wonder. So, I fire up Halo, raise the resolution to 1024x768, and get a huge slowdown. I tried to lower the resolution, but it crashed Halo.
Next, I try to run the Savage Demo. It would not run at all.
UT2K3 Ran, but seemed to have no improvements. The splinter cell demo also ran, but was definately of less quality than when I used my Geforce3 Ti500.
3dMark2001SE gave me 9000 odd 3d marks.
3DMark2003(build 340) gave me 3236 3d marks.

The benches seem to suggest nothing is wrong, but the games suggest otherwise. Any ideas as to what the problem is?