"Ti4200 128mb "

Thats yer fault not theirs. Uh then 64mb was standard. If you got 128mb it was more for a few $ extra but slower. Just like today. 128mb cards vs 256mb. You got suckered admitt it. Dont blaim them. I have a VisionTek G3 original (64mb) and it has **** fast mem on it for a G3! Plus VisionTek still supports their G3's even though they are now ATI. How many co's do that! And for that long. VisionTek is good co. Far better than PNY. THey like to die early and run hot! I have had to deal with friends pc's in past that has PNY ****. Circuit city and staples carry them and they are cheap. Thats why popular around here. I HATE PNY. Wont buy any card with that name. I hav boughten their mem which was good. But it had samsung chips on it and mem layout is much simpler than video cards. The manage to stick the mem chips on just fine. Other than that PNY is crapolla