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Thread: 52.16 can be glitchy

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    52.16 can be glitchy

    i got the 52.16s on my ti4200 and when i play desert combat for battlefield 1942 the land will go invisible, it will flicker, is there gonna be a fix??
    Antec P160 Case
    Core 2 Duo e6400
    2 GB Corsair XMS Dual Channel
    GeForce 7900GT (eVGA)
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    250 GB Seagate SATA2 7200rpm
    ECS nforce 570 motherboard

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    many geforce 4 owners have been having problems with the 52.16s. being a geforce 4 owner myself, i've stuck with the 43.45s- the fastest for geforce 4s. i suggest u get those or wait for the 52.70s (non-betas).

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    That's sorta what I have on my machine. Nvidia system manager reports it as the 43.45's but rivatuner is still detecting something to make it think it is the FX driver that was loading with the new chipset drivers, even after uninstalling them, and installing the 43's. Still works fine though. Stick with the 43's, they are faster and you get better image quality with them.

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    Drop down to the 44.xx's for the tiem being, ive had a lot of problems with forceware on my gf4ti4200 box


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    I've stuck with 44.03 for ages on my Ti4400 and never had a problem. Runs battlefield perfectly, no glitches etc. If it works then my opinion why bother 'fixing' it. Would rather run stable than try these 'new' drivers.


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    I've got no problems with the new drivers, I find them better in fact (due to the seperate color settings )

    Now I don't have to change the colors for my TV every time I start a video.

    But thats the best thing about these drivers.

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