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Thread: The XGI Volari Series

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    The XGI Volari Series

    The Volari product line XGI Technology's new product line consists of three discrete GPUs available in one of seven combinations.The three new GPUs are the Volari V8, the Volari V5 (both of which are also available in a higher-clocked 'ultra' version) and the Volari V3 entry-level desktop GPU.

    In terms of product, XGI's flagship offering is the Volari Duo. Powered by a pair of V8 or V5 processors, or their equivalent 'ultra' version, this will be the first consumer dual-processor video chipset since ATI's Rage Fury Maxx and 3DFX's ill-fated last experiments.... remember the Voodoo5 6000?

    The XGI Volari Duo V8 Ultra was demonstrated by PowerColor at Computex 2003 in Taipei this fall. The V8 Ultra GPU runs at 350MHz, while DDR2 memory races along at 500MHz (375MHz for DDR).

    also according to them the volari duo v8 ultra has 16 rendering pipeline.... sweethere
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    Any release dates?

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    They'll be out in the first or second quarter of next year. They are far behind the competition right now but promise driver improvements will remedy that.

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