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Thread: Nvidia Reveals New Lineup

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    Nvidia has it's share of problems, you just grabbed an ATI and the latest drivers at a time ATI is trying to do what nvidia isn't. Actually make the current drivers work WELL for older cards (G4's work on nvidia's new drivers, but not as well) and also some other things. Seems all ATI's problems have come in the past two months with driver releases 3.8 and 3.9 - 3.7 is fine.

    I used to like nvidia, but until they offer the best bang for the buck, I'm with ATI.

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    "I'm not defending the cards or anything, but I'm really sick of hearing people shoot down Nvidia because the cards didn't match up to ATI...people the cards may not be as good as anything ATI put out, but it doesn't make them bad cards...I don't know..whatever."

    Uh-when nvidia ruled the roost nothing stoped Nvidiots from slamming ati FOR YEARS AND YEARS. Its fair play. Now a couple months of Nvidia bashing on the net and nvidia lovers are crying! Im glad Nvidia is getting what ATI did for reputation. ATI didnt have the $ to kick **** like nvidia at first. Now they are still poor $ in comparison but killing nvidia. good anyway you size it up from a corperate standpoint. Less $ in assets but making more $ profit now. ATI is doing better than ever. Nvidia worse then ever. Sizing it up any other way-is just being biased towards nvidia.

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    Originally posted by $1500-P4 gamer
    "I'm not defending the cards or anything, but I'm really sick of hearing people shoot down Nvidia because the cards of ."

    here here well said

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    well i think nvidia cards are great. I had no problems with them. My mx420 ran new games like allied assault , and my ti4200 is fine. I hear that the fx5700 ultra is just as good and better in some cases than the 9600xt. And when nvidia releases new drivers the 5700 ultra will probable fly past the 9600xt. Price = same or less for 5700 ultra retail versions on pricewatch than the 9600xt
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    I personally think both companies are dishonest, though I believe ATi finally has enough money, good design and R&D power to simultaneously assram nvidia in both the IQ and performance arenas.

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    I don't think we should criticize new cards that haven't been released. The 5900SE sounds like it can be a real competitor for the mainstream market (assume that it's price is <$250). Hey, I know I would rather get a 5900 NU for $200 than a 9600 XT for $200. The only thing I don't like is people generalizing performance on unreleased cards. Sure Nvidia didn't do so well in HL2, but it does alright in Aquamark 3 (a DX 9 benchmark). Also Nvidia's cards whoop @$$ in Doom III.

    If it appears I'm taking sides, sorry (as I own cards from both sides). But wait till the card actually comes out before taking sides.

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