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Thread: Water cooling setup

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    The hot ticket these days is distilled water and Zerex Racing Super Coolant. Here's the thread that started the craze.
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    I got the whole of my watercooling setup for just £70, I bought most off a friend for £40 (rad, pump, tubing etc) who got bored and the P4 Maze3 waterblock brand new on offer for £30.

    The motherboard is an Asus P4S533 with a P4 2.0Ghz Northwood
    The case is a Lian-Li PC-7.

    It looks different to that now because:

    1)Theres no air trapped in the tubes like in that pic.
    2)The GeForce4 card is now watercooled with a DD Maze3 block
    3)I've moved some stuff around

    In answer to the PCI slot remark, why would I need more . . .
    The PC is for gaming so I only have the GeForce4 card and an Audigy 2 card in there, the rest is onboard.
    I have one 80Gb Maxtor drive and a DVD/CD/CDRW combo in there now, nothing more so there are still 3x5 1/4" bays empty and 2x3.5" bays free.

    I have 2 other PC's networked to it for filling with firewire/video capture/raid/modem cards, hard disk arrays, CD Writers and all the other stuff.

    EDIT:Water Wetter does exactly the same as the Zerex racing stuff, and is used a LOT by car and bike racing teams due to its ability to increase cooling efficiency, you can buy it in small bottles instead of huge crates like the Zerex stuff !
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    Oops. I shoulda said distilled.
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