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    Racing Upload

    Question- Why is it that my computer is able to upload data at speeds of 200-230K constantly but I never can download at more than 35K. I am using a regular 56k dial-up connection. I have used various web-based speed tests, and I always get consistent numbers. I always thought 56k was the maximum speed possible with this technology. Does anybody have any explanations? Or have we been deliberately misled by the phone companies wanting us to buy broadband? I would be very satisfied if I could download at that 200-230k speed using a regular line, as that would be a great improvement over 35k. - minihertz

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    it has to do with phone lines. Also due to power useage issues, the max speed possible for a 56k modem is 53kbps. Well, i mean the actual modem, the phone lines are a different story.

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    Before anyone goes loopy insane, remember theyre talking in KiloBITS here


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