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Thread: Small Computer Buisness Owner's Share Ideas

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    Small Computer Buisness Owner's Share Ideas

    HI guys when I got laid off I started a repair shop out of my house. I was wondering if any of you are doing the same. I would like to know what you guys charge for repair work. It is pretty competive here many shops per capita so I have implemented Flat rate pricing. It seems to work well sometimes I spend more time on something than I would like but it seems to balance out.
    I charge $50 for OS reinstall providing the customer has COA sticker or original software. What type of service fees do you charge for going onsite? When building new systems for people how do you handle the OS Cd I have been giving a COA sticker with the system that I purchase from pricewatch and provide all drivers. Do you do any type of drive image for your customers I am researching how to do this if anyone would like to share the knowledge I would be most appreciative. What kind of software do you install on your systems such as Anti Virus.
    Do you compete in the budget PC buisness; I live in a small town and I get the old (Walmart has it for $400) routine all the time.
    I now am even offering Lindows for the cheapest of people since all they care about is price. I would like to know what seems to be your best advertising solution. Here it has been the Yellow pages and word of mouth. I have tried phone book covers they were worthless. Some of the free newspapers have never provided much of anything but they are free. I have gotten calls from posting buisness cards all oer town too. How do you handle repeat buisness customers and hve you ever pitched a service contract to any companies. If so what kind of terms are normal I know some people around here who sell an amount of hours and have the compnay pre pay it and they respond within 24 hours of a problem. Anyway if any of you have a buiness and would like to share any thing that has helped you I would enjoy reading it.
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    soulburner: that's a thread that has the exact questions I have, I am still deciding whether to open one of them small businesses myself. Do you have any business licenses, reseller licenses, etc. If so, which ones? I have no idea where to even begin. I have a domain name already and a small amateur site in place, but also need more info.

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    Yes I contacted my County Clerk Office and I obtained information on getting a state buisness license. minimanl cost only about $15
    I also wrote the IRS and requested an EIN Employer Identification Number. here is a link to look at for the eact info.,00.html

    Hope this helps a little. Once you are registered with state they will send you state sales tax forms either quarterly or annually.
    You don't have to pay sales tax on labor. just New Sales.
    There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don't

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    Very interesting info, if plan to stay the rest of my life in the USA

    i know the procedure in Canada, and is very easy and simple

    but you need lotsa cash, to make a solid business

    so if the business goes down, it wont drag you the owner down

    the type that you are describing is the personal business, and is bad in case of business bankruptcy, cuz the business will own the owner when that happend

    if you can afford it, try to make the business into a Limited (LTD), or Incorporated (Inc)

    so which mean, all kind of Problems in general are only Limited to the business itself, and the owner can not be prosecuted by anything, nor bankruptcy, nor by wrong doing

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