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Thread: Filtering out noise in mp3 and wav

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    Filtering out noise in mp3 and wav

    i'm thinking of backing up my cassette tape collection to mp3's, however most of the tapes are old and have background noises that i would like to filter out. Anyone know any apps and how i could use them to filter out the background noise once i have transfered the analog signal to wav or mp3 files? thanks for any help.

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    A good audio utility like SoundForge will do that and lots more. Also, check out these:

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    Cool Edit 2000 or GoldWave.

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    Use Roxio Easycd creator Sound Stream to convert your file to mp3 or any other fomat. Click the sound cleaning radio buttom or pop removal if you want etc.etc

    it is easy

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    If you have Roxio Easy Cd Creater, use SoundStream for making MP3 or any other format. In whih you can click Sound cleaning tab for noice reduction or removal

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