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    LOL Truely understand now. I'm sorry to hear that. Both of my parents have died long ago, and were of the generation at the time, when computers just were not around. In fact, i could have gotten some degree in this field and taken this up back in 1973 or thereafter, but choose instead to stay in another field,just when the economy was going south. Never ever obtained much from that two year degree. OH well..

    Todays world is so much different as are alot of parents. Alot of them just think your messing around or not doing anything constructive with yur time. Therefore, they become either somewhat jealous or possibly do what your dad does, which is not fair, so i totally understand you on that one. Also, it sounds like he might not be doing so good in his own life,somehow, don't know but.. That would account for him being kind of possessive of your things...

    I loved my parents, but it awas my dad that i never seemed to gt along with also. Only towards the ladder days of his life did I trully understand all of why he was this or that, and and only then did I develope proper respect. Feel Lucky! My dad ws always away, was like Harry Truman ( before your time.... US president before Eisenhouser ) Very WW2 type and proud of it...

    Hang in there and don't do anyting rash. Pretty soon you'll be old enough to just go your own way and keep whats yours as yours.

    To this day., the way MS has this whole admin. thing configured, and all of its descriptions, I think its still very confusing to me. Its intent was to let each of us having our own account or personal belongings, where others could not mess with them. It works, but obviously as in your case there are still ways around it, that cause much stress , confusion or ways around it all.
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