Picked up an Intel D815EEA2U MB along with a Celeron 1.2Ghz.
After reviewing the supported cpu's and specifications at these links:
I thought that the board would support a Celeron 1.2GHZ. Now after putting
all together, i cant get the onboard video or AGP video working. Board seems
to power up, fans spin etc. But no display.
After checking out the revision numbers required for support of the Celeron
1.2 it appears i screwed up. My revision # is A55991-803. I thought with the
Universal version of the board that it would support the Higher speed
I guess im curious as to whether anyone thinks it possible that i fried
either the CPU or MB buy powering up the MB with the Celeron 1.2
After the unsuccessful attempt, i tried a P3 933 chip which is definitely
supported by the MB, and had the same problem with no video.
After reading through the Intel link above, im thinking that maybe the MB
was defective to begin with but????
Im debating on whether i should attempt exchanging the board for one that
shows clear support for the Celeron 1.2 or trying another Intel MB.
The MB shows support for Tualtin P3's. The Celeron 1.2Ghz is the .13 micron
chip and its a FC-PGA2.
Isnt Tualatin and FC-PGA2 the same thing?
I talked to Intel support twice tonight, and they had me do a few checks.
The first was to check for 3 beeps with just the CPU installed.
I got the 3 beeps with both the Cel 1.2 and the P3 933 installed. Supposedly
if you get the 3 beeps it means the CPU has initialized. I then slapped the
memory back in, and still couldn't get a display as before.
Intel thinks its either board or memory related. I tried another stick of
PC133 SDR in it , and same results. Gotta be the MB i think, but im still
having trouble finding a MB that shows support for the Celerons 1.2Ghz or higher.
I went to this link that the Intel tech provided (great site for matching
MB's to CPU's)
Did a search for MB's that supported a Celeron greater or = to 1A
I got a number of results but all of them show similar details for the
boards listed.
No clarity there, they all show >=1A but then <=1.10 ???
what the fnyahooey.

Desktop Pentium® III processor >1 GHz (133MHz FSB)
Pentium® III processor <=1 GHz (133 MHz FSB)
Pentium® III processor (100 MHz FSB)
Celeron® processor >= 1A GHz (100 MHz FSB)
Celeron® processor <= 1.10 GHz (100 MHz FSB)

I read through Newegg.coms website on reviews of the Soyo SY-TISU, and two
people said they were using 1.2 and 1.3 Ghz celerons.
I have an email into Intel MB support, phone support for Intel MB's cost $25
pr/incident email is free if you don't mind waiting.
Im hoping to hear back from Intel MB support about the U version of Intel
MB, and the possibility that it may support the 1.2 Celeron.
Anyone using this chip, and if so on what motherboard?