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Thread: Memory/MB Compatibility

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    Memory/MB Compatibility

    I have a TX PRO socket 7 MB, AMD K6/2 350, 3D Banshee Video Card (16mb), 250W power supply. I have been running 128mb memory (2X64). My understanding is that it should support 3X256. However, when I installed 1 256 stick, after the memory check and the auto-detect HDs, I get a MEMORY TEST FAIL message. It seems to count the memory fine, and the system seems to run fine after I press F1 to continue. Is this a BIOS issue? Or have I overlooked a setting within the BIOS I need to change?

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    Most likely is a bad stick of memory or you are using a stick that is not compatable with that board. ..
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    TXpro chipset aka ALi 1531/1543 "Aladdin IV+" can run a maximum of 128 MBytes per DIMM _side_.

    I owned one of those, the earliest model M560, and ran a 256-MByte PC133 DIMM no problem. The later M560TG/M565 and M575 do too.

    You need a "16x8" type double-sided one (if the shop people give you a blank stare, ask for "Intel BX compatible"), and of course it needs to be OK. Figure the compatibility, then run memtest86 from

    regards, Peter

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