Altec is good sound per the $. The 251's I have sound great too. Would buy them again which is a rairity in pc speakers it seems.

For home theatre I like the lows and highs I get out of my 500watt 5.1+1 Sony headunit. By the way the plus1 is due to it having front and rear bass cannon outputs on the headunit, both fade. Its not two centers like on pc which is 6.1 Its really cool when watching a war movie and a bomb goes over head. Can hear the rumble move front to back. Match that to my 6' lcd projector image and Im in home theatre heaven. Not top end but good enuff for me and certainly 100x better than my buddys $1000 Bose system and 21" crt tv. First time he heard my system he just went" what stereo is that?!" Hehe. BOSE is a fad, sneezes "rip off" "rip-off". I did that at the stereo shop when another freind was looking at them. Right in front fo the salesman I went like I was sneezing "rip-off" uhmmm "rip-off". He went watcha mean. I said lets compare units shall we. Hehe.