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    SETI@home team information

    Hello and Welcome to SETI@Home Distributed Computing Site. Listed below are URL links to all pertinent information about the project and ways to get started Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI):

    SETI@home - BOINC - Home page for the BOINCproject and has links to all things SETI.

    URL =

    SETI@work - This is a list of our team stats through a third party site.

    URL = Users 2002 Team Stats- This is the official team statistics through SETI@home.

    URL =

    SETI@home Windows GUI - This is the Windows screensaver version that most newcomers(and computer novices) use to establish their first contact with SETI. Once downloaded and installed on your system, it is easy to send in your email address and user ID, and start your first Work Unit(WU).

    URL = Go to the 3.x Version for either Windows or Mac.

    SETI@home command-line version - This is another client to crunch wu's. It is a DOS window. Usually a user who has run their first wu, and are not impressed with the speed of the screensaver, may want to un-install the screensaver version and go on to this client. Coupled with SetiHide, or SetiDriver, the command-line client can speed the crunching process immensely.

    URL = Download i386-winnt-cmdline for Windows 9x - XP. There are also clients for other OS's here.

    SetiHide - GUI to operate with the command-line version. This program allows you to cache multiple wu's for running offline if necessary. Logs all completed wu's and analyzes data to track your cpu performance. Many more features than the Windows screensaver.

    URL =

    SetiDriver - This is another type of GUI to use with command-line version(not in addition to SetiHide). It functions about the same as SetiHide for caching wu's but does not have as many features.

    URL =

    Joining the team - If you are interested in joining our team, just go to the Users 2002 site and click on JOIN. It should ask you for your email and password. Once that is done you'll be on the team. (Note: passwords are send to your address when you first sign up with SETI@home. If you don't get a password within 24hrs it may have been filtered into your trash)

    Welcome to the team. If you have any questions just ask in the forum. We have many members willing to help! Users 2002 Team Website

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