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Thread: On board audio - help

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    On board audio - help


    I want to disable the onboard audio and install a new soundblaster PCI card.

    First do I need to uninstall the on board audio or just disabling the on board audio in the BIOS will do before installing the new sound card.

    I have Win XP with the current onboard audio working fine. But I need to use a software from Creative and hence I need to have a Cretive audio card to use the new software.

    Will the Win XP automatically uninstall the onboard audio if I disable the audio in the BIOS.

    As I don't want to do something wrong I need this info.

    Thanks in advance.
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    remove the onboard audio drivers in the device manager, power down, install sound card, boot into bios settings and dis-able onboard sound, save settings, and re-boot. XP will see the new card and either install the drivers if it has them, or ask you for the installation cd. Or you can load them manually by cancelling XP's installing of what it has for drivers.

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    or you could use the jumpers on the MOBO

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