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Thread: That funny Intel ad right up top here

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    That funny Intel ad right up top here

    Being a happy P4 owner, I still find the animated Intel ad that's been appearing at the top end of Sysopt forum pages recently kind of funny.

    Do they actually believe this themselves? I wonder. If your business is using pcs that are 2 years old or more, sure, you could probably notice some nice changes from upgrades, but there's not a critical difference business-wise between the abilities of a well made Willamette and a Northwood 2.8-3.06. Like you need hyper-threading to run a virus scan.

    But most importantly, they neglect to mention the time cost to you when setup day comes and you have to decide how to carry over all your documents and large data files, and all the clueless people need help with things like changing their desktop resolution, wallpaper, and mouse sensitivity After that you'll get complaints that the Start Menus aren't exactly the same as before, and that's not even going into all the fun of educating the masses about the minor differences in the new version of Windows.
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    ive not even bothered reading it... adverts are boring

    i get too many of them on the telly.

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    advantage of bigger monitor, makes the sodding thing smaller. I aint going to buy Intel - too much for my budget so why look at the ad?

    Sysopt should do catered adverts, i.e. I am more interested in films, music....not PC Hardware when I don't have the money...make a mailing list type thing which we can sign up to and get personalised ads....I might glance at them that way!


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    This ad on Intel makes my browser go slow and glichy when I scroll down.
    Does this happen to anyone else?

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    For an ad that promises to increase my productivity, it sure slows me down. I'm still stuck on dialup, so maybe I'm more sensitive to it, But they are not selling me anything.

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    Very annoying AD if you ask me

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    I agree with shark_megabyte, there is no way that Intel's claim can be true. At work I use a Pentium II Celeron 4000Mhz with 256 Meg Ram and Win 2K pro and it runs just fine. I'm a co-admin at a local ISP and I usually have about 20 some odd windows open ranging from mozilla, to terminal sessions, mail (we use outlook ;( , winamp, terminal services, exceed, word, etc... I really doubt that my productivity would be increased if word opened a split second faster.

    Sometimes I do administration for the office network for the techs and sales people and stuff, and trust me, doing hardware and software upgrades for a group of employees is HORRIBLE!!! I am always asked the dumbest questions. I've already had to upgrade all of the windows 98 machines to XP and it's not something I enjoyed. I think companies would get more productivity out of their employees if they instead just bought a capuccino machine and gave away free coffee.


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