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Thread: AMD Names New 64-Bit Processor

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    I hear you, brother. I agree with everything you've said, its all rock solid, true. Just another question - would it be possible to base the idea that amd designs cores better as they get more work done per clock cycle? As opposed to a intel a LOT more work done....

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    All over the map here, huh? 100 random samples of each would hardly have anything to do with the server market And, unfortunately most packaged deals that entice with low prices that the general population buys do have cheap *** everything. They probably don't have our nifty mobos that have temp features, or if they do they're not set uo properly, they have sleeve bearing fans that just get by when they're new and clean, have psus that just squeak by, etc., etc.

    Most people (not us) and companies do not build their own and wouldn't have a clue or want one. And they unknowingly punish their equipment as a result.

    BTW, in the server market, I wouldn't hesitate in the least to recomend or build a dual MP system in a proper environment. I've built TV studios where the equipment is even more finicky and WAY more expensive, and we make it work for decades without downtime. but those are professional markets and proper engineering are the way of things.

    That's all, I'm off to L.A.
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    Why all the fuzz about the 64 Bit OS.... LINUX IS FREE

    yes the 64 BIT version of Mandrake is out and free already

    so why bother getting Win$$ 64 bit when you can get Linux Mandrake 64 Bit for free?

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    SMP and Clawhammers and so on

    BTW, in the server market, I wouldn't hesitate in the least to recomend or build a dual MP system in a proper environment.

    Yes I totally agree , however there is software out there that can run multi threaded. Also as a note Intel is pushing for SMP and multi thread support on software. I was in on a discussion at and there was a big thread on UT2003 for example. now my point is simply this. it is not needed to have a Dual CPU system for a workstation, however what would be easier on the CPU's a game cranking out on 1 processor @ 100% or 2 CPU's @ 50% with room for Overhead when it is needed when the processor has to give out that little bit of punch to keep you in time with everything else. Look at Quake III that has smp support. Doom 3 Will also have smp support. Maya Recommends 2 cpus with there software. we may not need smp today, but when I build my new beast it will have SMP support so I can enjoy my beast for years to come. 2003 is a great year to make an upgrade. I tell ya it will be an impressive upgrade from a P /// 450 to a Clawhammer DP with 1.5 Gb Ram @ 333 FSB


    They are also coming with Dual Cores as well , so a Dual system will show up a 4 CPU's

    FEEEL DA POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well there is my 2 cents

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    all this hype......I will be waiting when the dust settles and cpu prices drop on the p4 2.53 (which a hit over here in Korea earlier this year)

    I want to get my hands on on of them.

    As for AMD....all of these arguements are really tempting me to build an AMD system. I have only built 2 systems (intel) so i am more comfortable with them....but intel's 3ghz coming out...and AMD 64.........that means that in a few monthes I can upgrade my intel based systems ( to arround 2.53 ghz p4) and start looking into AMD....

    so for now I will keep watching and listening to the arguements.
    Lost 10,000 miles from home and loving it!!

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    an excellent idea logan

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    Ofcource there is use of 64-bit

    Several in this thread has said there is no use of 64-bit.

    1. didn't BIll Gates say "we will never need more then 640 k memory".
    I say everything evoles we didn't need pentium 4 either and so forth,we will ofcource need 64-bit in the future (near future).

    2. When something new like this comes out it always expensive and "no use" like umm , dvd's , digital cameras and so forth now everyone has them and can't imagine going back to the older days.

    3. there is an obvious performance increase in 64- bit over 32-bit ,and applications games ,graphics will follow and it will be utilised to the fullest.
    Microsoft is already developing a new OS based on 64- bit technology.

    $ I would gladly if i could afford to buy one get one .
    It has no performance degredation towards 32-bit applications and it has all the future in it towards 64-bit even before there is any applications out there and there will.
    2-3 years ago there was no USB devices and no thats the only way to go .
    The USB ports was a part of the computer before it was even any products for it and well now it speaks for itself.


    Ps. finally AMD can kick Intels ***, their version was so crappy they had to scrap it and Microsoft probably will make Intel use AMD technology haha

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