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Thread: AGP recognition

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    AGP recognition

    I have an old 350 AMD, win 98, AT type that I had to format and clean the HDD on. After loading the OS, I found that the only video adapter that it showed in device manager was a PCI Std VGA. The box has a SIS 6326 AGP card in it, but I can't get the OS to recognize it. I loaded the Drivers that I could find, but I still don't get the option to use the AGP. Make sense? Any help from a frustrated partial geek.

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    You need to install the AGP bus drivers for the mainboard's chipset, and then the SiS card's on top of that.

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    Download and install all of the available updates from the PC/motherboard's website. One of them should be the AGP bus driver.

    Also download the latest driver file for the video card from the SiS site.

    Check if the card is DirectX compatible, because Windows 98 loads version 6.x.

    You can get the latest DirectX update here -

    MS DirectX download -


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