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Thread: Pls Help, PC won't post

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    Pls Help, PC won't post

    Hi everybody,

    I reallly need help with this one, it is quite urgent.
    I installed a second HD to a friend's PC as a slave on the IDE2. The drive was known to have controller problems but we had to retrieve some data.
    After powering the PC I heard continouus long beeps and the machine could not post.
    Removed the forementioned HD but the PC would still not post, no sounds any more and would not turn off by the switch.
    I cleared the CMOS and tried to turn it on again. Same results : no post.
    My friend has to do some serious work tomorrow, so please help.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Make sure no cards or wires are loose, and that the mouse and keyboard wires are not switched. Make sure the ram is tight too.
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    the RAM is loose

    unplug and reinstall

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