1. No thread crapping. Basically if you have nothing positive to say, keep it to yourself. If you think a member's price is too high, PM or email them privately. Do not post lowball offers or your own for sale posts within another member's post.

2. All for sale posts must have a PRICE. No price or interest checks. No links to ebay or other auctions. We don't want an another Ebay here. Take it to Ebay if you want to have an auction.

3. Absolutely NO selling of warez or pirated software.

4. No commercial ads. If you own a business, don't post here. This forum is for user to user exchange only.

5. Liability - SysOpt forums is not liable for any of the exchanges being made. We at SysOpt do not take any responsibilty for any sales/trades made in these forums.

Thanks to TrOLL for the contribution.