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Thread: Boot-up help???????????

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    Boot-up help???????????

    Was wondering if anyone knew of a resource or could tell me what steps happen with a computer or the sequences a computer goes through when you boot-up; both hardware and software. For example, loading of Cmos then to auotexec and config.sys then windows startup.....etc....... The reason I ask is that I really am not sure when certain thinks load as you go into windows before you get to your desktop........ Any help would be greatly appreciated....... I am presently running Win98SE....

    Also, do different version of windows load the same or does it vary by platform???


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    Boot Sequence--the Director's Cut

    Windows Boot Process

    If the OS uses the NT kernel, there are some differences in file names and additional constraints.

    BTW, this kind of info is readily available via a simple GOOGLE.COM search or by visiting Microsoft support--you can be the same kind of expert as some of the guys who have been around the longest.
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    you can do also do a search for a freeware bootlog analyser

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    would a good-ole pressing of the F8 key after POST'ing and then doing a confirmed boot(maybe called "Step by Step".... cant remember) tell you what you are wanting to know? You will have to answer yes or know to each item as it's loaded.
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