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Thread: AWARD BIOS - virus?/spyware?

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    AWARD BIOS - virus?/spyware?

    What the hell is up with my computer I'm thinking..

    then I found this on the net
    at your lovely and informative site.

    These guys are still active at..

    see: support bios upgrades
    and look who's still providing the PAY FOR bios upgrade..

    AND you'll never guess who UPGRADED my bios at the AWARD site, just before these garbage sniffers did the big switcheroo!.. ME!!!!!!


    I also now believe that its a trojan bios.
    although.. i'm no expert. And i'm also now slightly paranoid of EVERYTHING!!
    but I think my bios has been hacked.

    My bios magically does not support Enhanced Disk drive specification (the ability to mount drives over 8.3 megs) and yet I am using not 1 but 3 40 gig hard drives.. DUH!
    my 5000 port is wide open (without zone alarm activated)
    my ACPI is failing load, and the ACPI bios is trying to access memory blocks that its not supposed to!

    I'm not paraniod.. this is wacked.. but..

    I'm at a complete loss to find ANY offending code or virus or anything in my system after several scans, dead starts, etc... so it has to be in the bios. And i've got virus checker active all the time and i'm very very very carefull.
    Any suggestions? ideas?
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    you can try to reset cmos or reflash the bios and format your hardisk to ensure no virus left.

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