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Thread: Unique Cpu Over-clocking

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    sorry for that ........

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    Originally posted by Optimus Prime
    if i had the money id buy an intel chip over an AMD.
    i agree. believe me, if i had the dough i'd buy a 2.8ghz P4 and a Radeon 9700 with a watercooling setup...realistically, not many people have that kind of money. If they do have that kind of money, they are either rich or very wasteful! AMD will ALWAYS have a better price-perfomance ratio nowadays...
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    With fans like *that*, AMD can flush their price-performace ratio down my toilet.
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    Both sides have stupid fans though.
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    You might be able to raise the frontside bus speed of your motherboard by going into the BIOS. I don't know how much you can raise it without stability problems due to too little voltage, as you can't alter the voltage in an intel motherboard BIOS. The D850 can house a 2.6GHz (400FSB) pentium 4 provided you use the upgradeware adapter here .

    The purchase of a 2.6 P4 would be a better buy anyway, because you know that you are running the chip within specification. Here are some places where you can buy the chip:


    Hope it helps!

    BTW, never, ever, ever remove the HSF from a CPU. You never know if the thermal diode will work or not; it is the motherboard's resposibility and reserved only for emergency situations in which the HSF becomes unclipped from the motherboard. 123esk's little joke was not necessary.

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