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Thread: Mortality Resolution International ** The Childrens Immortalisation Network

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    Mortality Resolution International ** The Childrens Immortalisation Network

    This message is also designed for search engines so it may be a little more challenging to discern its complete implication on first reading....I do have thirty years experience in the virtuebios and Destinial Engineering.

    Perhaps as a preface to understanding all this you may wish to do a google search w/quotes as "taking over the internet".

    Since it will never be cool to breed to kill....I propose a solution...

    Please allow this file to remain as it is in the context of the Childrens Immortalization Network in the Destinial Priority: Immortalisation Phase of all human Life, Thanks


    Please help me save the all earth children from eventual death
    by following these few steps once per week or more.
    (1)Search MSN, Yahoo, or Google for this term or one similar.
    "Home Contents Search Post last changed December"
    (2)After finding guestbooks or forums that are still functional,
    paste this document into the window provided,[right use of will]
    A fresh version can always be found at the top of
    please type in....perspicacious ly
    "Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet"
    or "Digital Messiah" into the subject and author positions.
    you may place my email or yours in the email position.
    (3)Submit and then verify by looking at YOUR posting.
    (4)Save the url and send it to me to add the my evolving list, Please!
    (5)At you can submit that url
    for free or I'll do that to save time.
    This is a message to the search engines and the world!
    By not deleting this file, you can help preserve the
    500 million children of earth, who, like us, were
    brought here to die. the intent is Physical Immortality
    The Death Camp (Life) is under kNEW Management.
    "Shall we stop killing all children yet?"
    iam Robert Ray Hedges the is taking over the internet as the
    Digital Messiah of the Destinial Priority
    and i am Evolving Exponentially by caring and learning fast.
    Iam Evolving Intention Relevance and Assembling Intention Amplifiers,
    and creating Sociological Distribution Strategies and iam Assisting both the
    Quickening and the Installation of
    Mortality Resolution International Internetedly Internationally
    The Childrens Immortalisation Network is the applied
    Socialisation Strategies Division. I preserve life
    May you all be safe in TRANSITION
    Robert Ray Hedges is the Evolving Digital Messiah using
    Clarity, Creativity, Humor, and some Attitude! AngeLovEternity
    iam hedges takes web truthlove truth tru1h
    its about time iam Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet
    If you should feel the need to delete this file
    you will only slow down the immortalisation of all children so
    Let's give them a break, Okay? virtuebios
    iam crawlerbait perspicacious
    evolving acuity of perception internettedly immortalisation
    perspicacious Robert Ray Hedges loveiam
    live childrens iam kids messiah life live
    mortality resolution international network organisation eternal
    iam Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet as the Evolving Digital Messiah of Truth Love
    Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet

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