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Thread: Asus A7N266-VM

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    Yea it updates the manual. I got it too. Manual version 2.0 has it. The jumpers on MOBO are labeled back wards and so is diagram in pic. Pin 3 is really 1 for CPU fsb setting.

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    I found the updated manual online and it's working now ..

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    not that I want this old thread revived, but thought I'd post regarding the Hotfix I mentioned.

    It works.

    I yanked my SB Live!5.1 card and dropped in the nforce ACR card. XP has no issues, but 98se does -- I was getting stuttering jittering **** sound. JK2 was fine, but Morrowind and NFSHP2 just sucked.

    I grabbed the 331KB q242937 hotfix, installed, reran my tests, and I'm quite happy. I'm certain your sibling -VM boards will benefit from this hotfix if you use 98se with an nforce chipset & use their audio.

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