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Thread: A7N266-VM - video help !!!!!

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    A7N266-VM - video help !!!!!

    I have the Asus A7N266-VM Mobo, bios version 1005 with 1700+ XP CPU, 256MB DDR RAM, a partitioned Samsung 80GB HDD and running Win98SE, drivers used are nforce verion 2.41 obtained from I'm facing a problem viewing VCDs or any video files like .dat, .mpg, .avi or even .rm files. The files always play in fast forward mode, skipping frames and audio. This does not happen under WinME or Win2K. I've tried using RealOne player as well as media player 9, but the problem persists. Win98 was installed thrice from 3 different sources.
    DMA is enabled (I have only 1 HDD), its enabled for my CDROM drive as well as my CD Writer. This problem never happened when I had a 40GB HDD, I upgraded to a 60GB which developed bad sectors and now I have a 80GB 7200rpm drive. By the way this problem was also exprienced when I was using the 60GB drive.

    Please help.

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    You should really reinstall Windows. You now have a spare drive, right? You should start backing up Windows with Norton Ghost after it's fixed.

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    I've just come across this problem somewhere else. Seems the problem is to do with onboard sound that no currently available drivers will fix. The solution is to either buy a PCI sound card or change operating systems.

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    My neighbour had this exact same problem with a PC I built for him with the same mobo.
    Sticking in a cheap PCI sound card solved the problem. He later went on to use XP and I took back the card, everything still ran okay.

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