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Thread: Off-ball question: Anyone use EDO RAM as a keyring tag?

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    Off-ball question: Anyone use EDO RAM as a keyring tag?

    One day I upgraded my Cyrix 6x86MX PR 200 to 256MB SDRAM from a wimpy 16MB EDO (2x8MB 60ns). I asked myself what I was going to do with the RAM. I thought to myself "Well I saw one of my managers use one stick as a keyring tag..". It was quite simple. EDO RAM has a circle in both ends. I just looped it onto my keyring and off I went. Quite handy in getting your keys out of your pockets.

    Anyone else doing this? hehe

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    Keyrings, jewelry, all kinds of doo dads to make with them! Two of our teens wear them as ear rings, a bit long for me but I am a long way from teen years. Collect enough of them and you can glue them down like tiles.
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    I have an Athlon XP keychain (Yes, I fried it before I made the keychain ).

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    Not EDO, but the one before EDO RAM. You know, the short, less-pinned one? The one that usually had like 6 or 8 slots for it? I HAD one of them as a keyring, very handy in opening those boxes which are taped up so much that it would give Fort Knox a run for it's money.

    HAD, though. It was pilfered off my keychain. No, they didn't actually do me a favor by stealing my car as well, they only stole the RAM. Who knows? Maybe they wanted to upgrade their computer or something...

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    I have both an AMD Athlon and 64mb Stick of SDRAM which could be used as keyrings... im a lil reluctant to ounch a hole in the CPU though as its still partially functioning


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    I prefer a Socket 478 Pentium 4, small and compact
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