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Thread: Really stupid GeForce 2 Ti question

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    Really stupid GeForce 2 Ti question

    Man, am I licked on this one.

    Bought a GeForce 2 Ti to go with my nice shiny new XP 1800+ system. Runs like a charm in either Win2K Pro or XP Pro UNTIL I try and play anything, such as and not limited to Counter-Strike (loading the opening menu is a no-go, monitor goes into power-save mode and needs a hard-boot), Unreal Tournament (same deal), Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge (same deal), Dungeon Siege (same deal).

    Now, I can load Quake III in Win2K, but not XP, from what I recollect.

    Here's the kicker: I can install WinME and play all of those games flawlessly, and I mean flawlessly. I get a flat-out 85 FPS in UT and CS, 91-92 clean FPS in Q3, and about 40-60 FPS in Dungeon Siege. All quoted FPS are at 1024x768, max graphics and options where available.

    Now for the meat. Am I correct in assuming the HAL in Windows 2000 and XP (Hardware Abstraction Layer) is killing my initialization? And if so, is my cheesy 15" monitor limited to those rates for what it can display in-game?

    Those are my theories, I await your replies.



    PS guess you want system specs, huh? AMD XP 1800+, K7S5A mobo, 256MB-DDR2100, 20Gig Western Digital 5400RPM HD at ATA100, WinME, DX 8.1, Detonators at 30.82 currently.

    Detonators tested on the old system included 21.83 or somesuch (shipped with the vid card), 30.82, and the new Detonator 40s. All returned the same results. Trust me. I spent a LOT of **** time testing all of that.

    Thanks again.
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