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Thread: corner of moniter blinking

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    I'll have to remember the flourescent lite thing, i've got 2 incandescent conversions above me.

    Speaking of lites i've got an incandescent bulb that looks just like a regular 60w bulb but if you leave it on it shuts itself off after 30 min.. If you switch it on off on it stays on indefinetely. It blinks twice 2 minutes before it goes off to warn. I bought it at Menards over 7 years ago. I have it in an outside light we use almost every day. Wish I had more. It was made by Phillips & called IQ lighting. I e-mailed asking for info. & was informed the line was discontinued. I replied yes it's hard to make money selling bulbs that don't burn out! No reply

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    well, that sure explains why they had to stop it

    else they and other light bulbs companies will never get any more business again

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