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Thread: what would any of you suggest for an occupation?

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    I just started Law school and I have to say that it is an interesting field. It is also quite profitable. Several grads of my school were hired right out of school into private firms in the 120K range last year. Thats more than the professors with years of experience make. You don't have to chase the dollar though, there are many other ways to make a satidfying living. Help the poor. Prosecute criminals. Teach. Work immigration law to help people come into the country. Work intellectual property law and be a player in the tech industry (very big area in law right now). Many options are available to you with a law degree. One of the best parts, I think, is that law is something you can do as long as you still have a good head on your shoulders - and once you start to go senile then you can teach. Hahahha. It is quite expensive though so that also may be a factor to you. I will graduate with around 120k in debt. That is no small change. When you are paying so much for school you have to do good which makes it very stressful. Oh well I am rambling now.


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    You might consider integrating your computer education aspirations into the medical field! There are several medical based jobs (sometimes referred to as Allied Health) which are optimized with a strong computer science background. I work in Radiology and combine the medical knowledge with recent advances applicable to the use of computers in the Radiology Field. The pay is good and job security seemingly without end.

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    actually if you've ever taken business courses.. then the first thing you learn is that you have 2 options..

    1 is to play it safe and work for someone the rest of your life earning less than the person above you


    play it risky and take a chance opening your own business and perhaps be one of those millionaires over night

    if you study a lot of people who are very sucessful.. you will notice that once their companies start up.. they sell it within the first 2-5 months and move on to create a new business

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