i'm planning on upgrading my video card this summer and, i know that this has been talked about, but should i get a ati radeon 8500 64mb or 128mb, or a geforce 4 ti-4200, maybe 4400... or any other ones u might recommend.
i'm also gonna get a new monitor, maybe a 21 or 22 inch one, and i know that the video cards with higher amounts of ram run better and give a higher fps for high resolutions.

my current system specs:
ati radeon 64mb ddr vivo
1.2 ghz amd athlon
40 gig hard drive
256mb ddr ram
windows 98se
soundblaster audigy gamer
asus a7a266 motherboard

i also plan on formatting my comp when i get my new video card. Should i stick with 98se? or upgrade to xp, me, 2000.

i know i'm asking a lot of questions, so your input would be really helpful and will speed up my decision.

and why is it ice cream not iced cream... haha