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Thread: How to buy a 2nd hand PC ???

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    How to buy a 2nd hand PC ???

    Hi Guys

    I am going to buy a second hand PC ( private sale).

    Is there any free ware that you would recommend that I could install on the computer before I buy it, that would give a me a report on the health of the system. Hopefully something pretty basic (ie not super technical, but check everyting)

    I would also appreciate any info on your approach to testing a 2nd hand PC before buying it.

    Many thanks


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    Buying a used PC.

    There are several ways to find them... as far as knowing what kind of deal your getting is easy by knowing what the going rate is for memory, Processor, etc...

    This will help you determine whether or not its worth it to just buy a knew computer with all the goodies or ........if the 2nd hand one is still good enough to compete or should we just say good enough for what you want it for.

    Its difficult to say where to start unless you know what you are wanting to accomplish with the computer... think about that first because it is the most important... no sense in spending a few hundred on something you will use for a week before buying a new one because the used one isn't compatible with what you are wanting to use on it. get the picture?

    make a few calls to the local computer shops and ask them how much they would charge for something similar to the 2nd hand computer you are considering... allot of times they will give you a reasonable idea of what the pc will be worth... then they more than likely will try and sell you something a little better... which should also give you an idea of what you could get for just a little more
    ( consider value VS. warranty ) there is generally a short one or two month warranty on 2nd hand pc's ( you better ask to make sure though because they may deny it.) Vs the two or more year warranty which covers your pc for a few years....

    Now you just may consider leasing a computer........ the best option. check around

    sorry to sound so confusing... just too much going through my head at once...

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    Are you buying the pc with software installed?

    If so, you'll need to do a some scanning, use anti-trojan for trojans. Personally I use norton 2002 anti-virus so I don't know about any free anti-virus programs. But I would think the computer has a anti-virus program, if it does make sure it's updated before scanning.

    If not, the only things you really need to check is hardware.
    Use these programs to check and see if temperatures are normal and if it's overclocked or not.


    motherboad monitor

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    Depending on where your going to buy it if its still loaded with software and still hooked up to the net then try signing on, open as many windows as you can see how it handles the load, run scandisk see what it reports, if there's a pc game on the machine run it see how it handles and how graphics look generally just tax the machine I doubt the seller would want you installing things in the machine for fear of you damaging the machine.

    Don't believe there is any software for testing a machine thats cheap most of them cost $700 and up just task the machine see if you can make it crack.

    Need some specs though so we know what were dealing with, if its an old machine you can't expect much from it just word processing and surfin the net is about it.

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    How to buy a 2nd hand PC ???

    Thanks everyone for the reply....

    Looks like I should have added more info ....

    The PC is just for basic home use...and basicallly want to check to see if there is a time bomb inside...or everything is OK.

    I have never seen / heard of a utility that does a basic test on all aspects of the computer ( excluding software) just to see that everything is working OK.

    The system is a
    -clone, PII 350, 128 RAM, 4.3G, Int 56K Modem, 50xCD, Soundcard, Floppy, Key, Mouse, ASP 3D Vid Card, Win 98, MS Office 2000, Norton 2000

    Any further suggestions to sus the machine would be appreciated.


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    you could try putting a copy of sisoft Sandra on it. It will give a breakdown of the PC, mobo, memory etc... It also has burn in test designed to see if any components are meant to fail. Also if you wanted to scan for virus, put a copy of AVG antivirus from (freeware) on it and scan the comp. Hope this helps.

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    Also you may want to open the pc and check up how many ram slots are free!!

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