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Thread: DOS program and windows XP

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    DOS program and windows XP

    how to run a dos program on winXP or how to have a real dos on XP

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    I have ran DOS programs in thw WinXP DOS shell and it ran slow but worked ok, i didn't have sound though. I only tried Duke Nukem 3D and Wolfenstien the orgional they both worked. Just run them like you would in Windows 98, DOS programs would have a .exe file just double click on it.

    If you make 2 partitions and the first is FAT16 then you could install DOS the install XP on rthe second partition wich can either be FAT32 or NTFS but you should do that before installing XP, it can be done after but I don't recommend it.

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    Re: DOS program and windows XP

    Originally posted by Thanhspine
    how to run a dos program on winXP or how to have a real dos on XP
    You CAN'T

    Microshaft just shafted you in this one.

    WinXP is fully 32bit using NT Code, so no DOS sharing allowed

    cuz NT uses HAL

    DOS uses direct hardware access.

    so as soon as you try to run Real DOS software that needs access to Video, Sound, RAM. and other hardware stuff
    then is an instand crash of the DOS box.

    you can make a Dual Boot System

    DOS 6.22 in partition 1, and XP on partition 2

    is such an irony

    the Success of Microsoft is due its own DOS 1.0 to 6.22
    and they have been trying to kill it for the past 8 years.

    how STUPID of ms killing their own FOUNDATION block

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