Can't seem to reinstall Audigy card.

Yesterday booted my system, seemed like I was in protected modus but I wasn't, screen at 640*480, couldn't bring it back to 1152*864 16 bit colors.
Also, mouse cursor disappeared, wouldn't detect mouse anymore.
Managed to get the screen back to normal and get the mouse to work, took me about 3 to 4 ours to figure out how to fix those problems.

But main problem now is that I have no sound. Tried everything I could think of, including the suggestions from the technical support site from Creative, AM GOING NUTS!!

Here's what I've tried allready, in system config, deleted every Audigy related thing, also anything software related.
After reboot installed Audigy drivers, ask for reboot, said no, tried sound, worked.
After reboot finishes install, but then no sound or Audigy card detected.
Ran creative diagnostic, failed everything except Audigy presence detection, strange.
Also tried all of the above with deleting every entry related to the Audigy in the registry.

Reinstalled Directx 8.1, nothing.

Tried system restore but it didn't work.

Pleaze, anybody, help me out!! Before I throw my computer out of the Window.
Unless you don't care of course.

System specs.

AMD XP 1800+
Windows ME
Directx 8.1