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Thread: Installing WinXP on a formatted hard drive?

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    Installing WinXP on a formatted hard drive?

    When I installed Windows XP Pro on my Dell, I already had Windows ME, so I just selected to upgrade. But, a few weeks later, I wanted to format my HD. So, I had a formatted HD. I used a boot disk to access DOS, and then I put in the Windows XP CD, and I tried to run setup. it said something like "This program cannot run in MS-DOS mode". So, I just installed Windows ME and then did an upgrade on top of Win ME.

    How do you install WinXP while in DOS on a formatted HD?

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    u can do it easily ..forget about DOS right now..

    just make ur PC to boot from the CD_ROM and then insert the bootable WIN XP cd and follow up.

    all the best

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    just boot up from the cd. during the xp setup, there should be a point where it asks where you want to install xp. you can delete the drive and let xp create a new partition and format it for you.

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