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Thread: other computers can't see win xp hdd on network

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    other computers can't see win xp hdd on network

    My father and I have been trying to solve this problem. He has a couple of computers networked together. One of them is a HP Pavillion windows xp- p4 1.4ghz,384 mb ram. Another one is his laptop toshiba p4 1.7ghz,512mb ram- windows xp, and his third one is a Compaq p2 450mhz, 256 mb ram, windows me desktop. The problem he has been having is that he can not open his hdd or cd and dvd rom drives on the Pavillion from his other computers on his network. The weird thing is he can read disk like floppies and ls-120 superdisk across the network. Any help would be very helpful.

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    nice graphics walk through on setting it up.. worked for me

    Good luck

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