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Thread: IRQL_Less_or_equal - BLUESCREEN!!! AH!!

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    Thing is although i have the ram set up agressivley, im still only running it at its rated 133mhz, im overclockign via multiplier not FSB, so this shouldnt be an issue -- and one of the RAM stciks ive tested good up to 155mhz FSB, so surely RAM cant be at fault here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangeral View Post
    Disable power management in bios see how it works. Also might try backing down to default cpu either that or check for dust on cpu fan and in heatsink and maybe apply some fresh thermal compound.
    I realize you're probably not going to see this (you wrote this 10 years ago), but I just registered to say that this fixed the problem! Thanks a lot.

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    Unfortunately, rangeral, may he rest in peace - will never see your thank you. But it is still appreciated.

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