Hi all,

last few days i been getting IRQL_Less_or_equal blue screen errors while playing games (system intensive eg NOLF +sof2), every now and again i get the dreaded BSOD, reporting:


The compo then bombs out and restarts before i have chance to catch the rest of the error code :'(

Im aware this is due to IRQ sharing conflicts, as this is an ACPI compo i disabled PNP OS in BIOS, and also updated Via 4 - in -1's and vid drivers for good measure...

However just playing SOF2 and guess what... IRQL_Less_or_equal (followed by much effing and blinding).

Ive been reading through the Via forums and this problem seems to be fairly regular yet hard to solev on VIA chips...

Any ideas guys?? Here are the vital statistics...

Win 2kpro
1.33ghz tbird @ 1.46ghz
Abit kt7a raid (KT133 based chip)
Sblaster PCI 512
Gf4 ti4200