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Thread: Getting Final Fantasy 7 to work. XP, GeForce 4

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    Getting Final Fantasy 7 to work. XP, GeForce 4

    I think my computer is overkill for the PC title Final Fantasy VII, yet I cannot get the game to run on Windows XP with my GeForce 4 Ti 4400 Card. This game has had its share of problems on my other computers and I've tired every setup already, I have also tried the Nvidia Riva/Tnt patch, put the game in compadability mode etc...

    I need help to get this game to run, Thank you for your time.

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    since FF7 is so old, i doesnt run under Win XP. try right clicking on the shortcut on the desktop, and telling Win to run it in Win 98 compatiblitiy. worked for me...

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    Well its not entirely XP's fault. FF7 was very picky in its day about certain hardware and what it run on. The game just had a lot of problem unless it had certain hardware or configuration.

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    I have FF7 for the PC too, I am using XP professional, and an ATI Radeon,
    What you have to do is d/l the riva tnt patch, and go into the display settings, chek the the new option "tnt2" and put it on hard ware d3d, you will get corrupt (but readable) text.
    Now for the supposed crashes, its all luk of the draw, save often is all i have to say....... I've beat this game many times......
    Good luck too you

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