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Thread: Favorite game of all time

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    wow. my personal favorite is, well, i dont really have one

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    soldier of fortune.
    max payne.
    age of empires series.
    medal of honour-allied assault .

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    Toughest question ever!! But I'd have to go with these three(in order)

    1. Zelda a link to the past
    2. Ultima ascension IX
    3. Mario kart 64

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    Okey dokey - here we go:

    Tetris! that game was and is friggin incredible (on the game boy)

    Super Mario Bros. 1-3 for NES


    Diablo II and Quake 3 (but only for multiplayer)

    Freeze Tag and Dodge Ball

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    I don't think you can easily give a definitive answer. There's just so many games out there and gaming platforms!

    But..there are some games I still come back to.


    #1 Interstate '76

    This game is just pure fun. There is hardly any time limit - you just drive a car around thousands of square miles of desert - hunting baddies down and blowing them to bits.

    The whole way this game is put together - despite being old now - is just class. It's got a very convincing 70's theme to it and the characters are very convincing. It's also got some great humor to it. If you love the muscle car this game is tops; you really do get a feel for slamming a V8 down a long Nevada highway! The physics are very accurate and intuitive, and the sounds are excellent.

    I like the way this game encourages you to explore, to try and pull off a few stunts and just have fun. The scope of this game lasts more than a few hours due to of it's sheer scale number of car/ammo variants. It also offers LAN and WAN options (if you can still find a host, sob).

    If you love driving games you will find this a real gem. More than just a quick blast.

    #2 Jedi Knight II

    Ace! This game's so good Mr. Lucas could have made another film out of it.

    From the excellent graphics (make sure Direct 3D is enabled), to the surround sound and brilliant gameplay, Jedi Knight II puts the player right in the heat of the action. It's right up there with the likes of Quake and Unreal.

    The variations in scenario are also very convincing; you're taken from death stars to imperial cargo freighters, right through to other planets and its sheer scale means you'll be on it for months.
    The characters are very well thought out.

    The only downside I can think of, it that like Quake the gameplay can seem fairly linear at times, but every so often the player comes across a set of puzzles to complete or platforms to get across so all is not lost.

    An awful lot of development time must have been spent on this game and it certainly shows. Any Star Wars fan should not be without it!

    3# Carmageddon

    A bit dated now, but a great title for those stress-busting moments when you need to let off steam!

    You basically drive about completing courses and obliterating every other driver as well as pedestrians. Some courses are massive and there's a huge array of vehicles to fight.

    Things to note about this game are: 1) Get the uncut version so that the zombies look like Zombies and splatter accordingly and most importantly 2) Use the cheat! Without the cheat this game would simply be too frustrating. But use the cheats to freeze the time limit and fix your car and the scope of this game suddenly transforms your experience.

    The variations of car damage and the car's physics are very good, and the driver can - by earning credits - soup his machine up so high that it becomes almost indestructible! You'll need it on the later levels though, as the police reinforcements and other drivers get real nasty.

    One of the best parts of this game are the stunts you can pull off. You're actively encouraged to drive off the rooftops and ram other cars of the face of the planet. There level designs are also very well thought out. The gore and violence are nowhere near as bad as people make out, either.

    The only downside is the graphics. The game needs a very fast CPU to run, especially if you choose the Hires option. However there is a Voodoo version.

    It's mindless mayhem of the most enjoyable caliber! :-)


    #1 GTA III (PS2)

    Unlike most of the console games these days, Grand-Theft-Auto III has enough to keep you hooked for ages. You just go around town stealing cars and causing general mayhem as best you can - you don't have to do the missions if you don't want to.

    This game has great grafix, brilliant music and is extremely comical in its execution.

    The vehicles you steel really look and sound like they're being battered to pieces and there's some clever PS2 FX used when you pull off a nifty stunt. The level design is also complex enough not as not to bore the pants off you after 10 min's playtime.

    You'll find it hard to put this one down. Brilliant.

    #2 Need-for-Seed (3D0)

    Forget the PSX/PC versions - this was the first and best version of this realistic driving sim. The way the cars handle (and crash) is extremely realistic, and the whole thing is recorded in surround sound with "sampled" engine noises.

    The game levels are few in number, but the grafix more than make up for it.

    Want to know what it feels like to take a Ferrari Testorosa round a blind bend at 200 MPH? Get this!

    The company that produced this game (Electronic Arts) also made the 3D0 version of Road Rash. Both these games are gems: very well polished and unmatchable on any other platform. Forget the other platform versions.

    #3 Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (Import version - Megadrive)

    Proves you don't need to get knee-deep in 3D to play a good game. Basically a platformer, put together very well. The graphics and sound are excellent.

    Written in the days when gameplay mattered!

    Well, these are my favorite games. Sorry for the rather lengthy review!
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    new games out- wizardry 8. most incredible rpg ever

    semi new- final fantasy 9. just started playing it and i love it

    old- the lufia games. those were awesome. worth the money i spent when they first came out lol

    yes, i am an rpg gamer. a long time one too.

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    AvP rocked, back in the day on mplayer

    cs is brilliant

    other games i love have been
    1. TIE fighter
    2. general chaos on the mega drive (sega genesis)
    3. final fantasy games
    4. tetris
    5. golden eye 007
    6. tekken tag tournament
    and finally
    7. time crisis arcade

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    Just got Morrowind this past weekend. I'm in love. What a beautiful, fun, gorgeous game. I'm in awe.
    I am disrespectful to dirt!

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    It's a tie: Championship Manager & Civilization

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    Quake 1

    Played it since the demo and still to this day participate in tounaments. No other game has held my attention longer than 6 months, but Q1... 6 years! Still the fastest FPS ever.

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    PC: Homeworld - truly unique and addictive.

    Nintendo SNES: Zelda: A Link to the Past - fond memories.

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    Single player - Clive Barker's Undying. You will get the willies from that one.

    Multiplayer - Quake 1 (nods to szyn). Can I axe you a question? Too bad that the net code was so primitive.

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    1) Planescape: Torment (& the rest of Black Isle's CRPGs)
    2) System Shock 2
    3) Clive Barker's Undying
    4) Gabriel Knight series from Sierra
    5) Unreal
    6) Quake 1 & 2
    7) American Magee's Alice
    8) The Longest Journey
    9) Tomb Raider (even if it feels too "PlayStationy" at times)
    10) Duke Nukem

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    Just finished building my first PC. Dual 1 gig P3s with a GeForce 2 64meg Ti. Any game or program recommendations to find out how it would perform?

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