Windows XP Home is my OS.

In the subject MS Office clone software, there's an Excel like program called Tab. Looks and feels like Excel, but in trying to number a column vertically like Excel, it doesn't do it. I'm wondering if anyone is using this program and has found a way to do this function.

I enter a #1 in column A, cell 1, a #2 in column A, cell 2 and a #3 in column A, cell 3. Then I grab all 3 cells and grab the lower RH corner of cell 3, pull downward (like in Excel) but don't get subsequent numbering, just all # 1??????

Thanks for any help. I've emailed them with no reply.........yet.

Other option is load the CD I have of Office 97, and upgrade with Excel 2002 Upgrade, then remove the software602 Pro PC Suite.