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Thread: Fat32 and NTFS

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    Fat32 and NTFS

    Running xp home edition and its cratored 99% of the cpu is being used by svchost.exe from which I understand happens on xp and win 2k and takes some regestry hacks. Mine seems alittle more sever than some of the ones Ive read about so not even sure I can get into the regestry. But before I do that I need to get some files off the hd. MY QUESTION is can I install 98se on a seperate hd to be master and set up the xp hd as slave and read and copy those files and does it matter if the files are on a fat32 or a ntfs file system, any help would be a preciated

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    Windows 95b/98(se)/ME will only recognize FAT16 or FAT32 partitions. If you have an NTFS partition, then the only FREE option that I see you as having would be to boot your XP cd, go to the Recovery Console, and use that like a DOS command prompt to copy the files you want to either a floppy disk or other partition. Now, if you have/buy a copy of Partition Magic 7, then you can run that under Win9x and use it to convert you NTFS partition to FAT32.

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    yes u can .... take out the Hard drive with like Out of the system. put in the new hard drive... and install win98SE.. then install the secodn hard drive.... start the setup for winXp from windows and install it and its should automatically configure everything for your system to dual boot.(choose a fresh install as the option. other wise it will over write the win98.. and direct the install drive to the drive where u want to install the XP)

    once your Xp is installed. copy the files to a folder which is FAt32.. then u'll be able to access it from both systems

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    whatever you do don't mix a bootable ntfs and fat32 on the same computer. you know like taking a fat32 from an older system and throwing it on the slave..poof the master will lose its goodies

    been there, done that, got the stained software

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