I'm hoping this is easier to solve than I think. My problem is that Sandra is reporting that my Maxtor ATA100 reports at about 8400 compared to a typical ATA100 at 24000 - in otherwords, it seems to be running PIO speed. I've been through this before, so here's what I've done to no avail:

Firstly, I just built a KR7A-RAID machine and just loaded Win2KPro SP2. As I understand it, the Microsoft Win2K ATA100 fix is included in SP2, so that's not the problem. I went into device mangler, and that is set to automagically see UDMA, and reports that the IDE ports are infact UDMA. I went into the BIOS and that too is reporting IDE ports on AUTO. I have installed the VIA 4in1 4.38 drivers, but still it shows as slow as molasses.

Now, I heard somewhere that if you have a ATA100 drive and a ATA33/66 drive on the same cable, then that is not good...is that true and would it cause this kinda problem? Right now, my machine is incredibly generic ... not much customization and everything is pretty much out of the box. What would be the fix for this?

A pizza for anyone with the answer (that works) Thanks Much!